Coconut Oil Helps Fight Diabetes

{ Posted on Aug 08 2013 by admin }
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The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are different from the long-chain fatty acids more commonly found in our diet.Our body sends medium-chain fatty acids directly to the liver to use as energy. This makes coconut oil a powerful source of instant energy to the body, a function usually served in the diet by simple carbohydrates.

But although coconut oil and simple carbohydrates share the ability to deliver quick energy to your body, they differ in one crucial respect.

Coconut oil does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream.Coconut oil acts on your body like a carbohydrate, without any of the debilitating insulin-related effects associated with long-term high carbohydrate consumption!

Diabetics and those with pre-diabetes conditions should immediately realize the benefit of a fast-acting energy source that doesn’t produce an insulin spike in your body. In fact, coconut oil added to the diets of diabetics and pre-diabetics has actually been shown to help stabilize weight gain, which can dramatically decrease your likelihood of getting adult onset type-2 diabetes.

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