Germinating Coconut Palms

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Coconut falls from the tree when they are ripe.If the soil is loose and the rainfall is sufficient then they often germinate and grow where they land.

To choose a coconut for germinating first check if the seeds are fresh.The fresher the seeds are the better the results will be.If the interior of the seed is rotten or has an unpleasant odour,then it is unlikely to germinate.Before planting,soak the seed in a pail of water for two or three days.

Choose a well drained site with partial shade in the yard to grow coconut.Place the nut in the pit and fill the lower third of the nut .Water thoroughly twice a week.Light sandy soil to heavy soil with a PH of 5.2 to 8.0, an altitude of 600 to 900m and a rainfall of 200cm per annum are the ideal conditions.

Under all these conditions, a coconut will germinate in 3 months,but otherwise it might take 5-6 months.At germination, the root pushes out through the husk and te first shoot looking like a green spear will emerge from the cavity at the end of the nut.

Young coconut palms grow rapidly and they develop the trunk in about 5 years.Flower cluster begin to form in the axil of each leaf.A few weeks later some of the immature fruits will drop from the tree and the remaining will grow.In about 8-9 months it gets fully ripened.

During the initial stage the coconut plant will absorb the nutrients from the nut and later it respond to the fertilizers.

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