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Meal planning for a ketogenic diet

{ Posted on Dec 22 2016 by admin }
There is a growing segment of the natural health movement that endorses the ketogenic diet as the best nutritional approach. The biggest challenge that people have is navigating how to set up meals to maintain ketosis. When meal planning on a ...Read More »

The amazing benefits of eating coconuts

{ Posted on Dec 07 2016 by admin }
Given the many times that experts have touted the benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables, it should come as no surprise to learn that coconuts posses some amazing benefits. A tropical fruit that is a versatile as it is ...Read More »

Four reasons to love coconut oil

{ Posted on Dec 01 2016 by admin }
Few foods, with the possible exception of eggs, have had their reputations so completely demolished in the 20th century as coconut oil. Even as late as the 1990s, this edible oil, which is extracted from the kernels or flesh of ...Read More »

Coconut Sugar sustainable and healthy!

{ Posted on Jul 25 2015 by admin }
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Coconut sugar, also referred to as palm sugar, coconut palm sugar, or coconut crystals/nectar, is the one of the primary sweeteners I use in my home for baking. The reason is because it is not only delicious, but it is ...Read More »

What Are the Health Benefits of Coconuts & Coconut Oil?

{ Posted on Jul 11 2015 by admin }
The Coconut Research Center reports that approximately one-third of the world population relies on coconut and coconut products for nourishment and economic growth. Coconuts are the fruit of the Cocos nucifera tree, which is revered as "The Tree of Life" ...Read More »


{ Posted on Apr 24 2013 by admin }
1.      Introduction: Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is colorless and having an intense coconut aroma, it is rich in lauric fatty acid and contains vitamin E with a peroxidase value of below 1 and less than 0.2% free fatty acid (FFA). It ...Read More »